PlayDale Park Farm

Day out on the farm

Armed with two overexcited children, I set off to playdale_park_farm2nearby Playdale Park farm. Luckily this was only 10 minutes down the road from where I was staying in Filey, no chance of the ‘are we there yet’ or so I thought. We arrived at Playdale Park farm at 10:30, opening time so parking was no problem. However whilst unloading the pushchair my 2 year old managed to find the only puddle to jump into, so a change of clothes required before we had even started our day (I think a first for us).

No queue which was good and I thought the price (One adult, two children was £18.25) was well reflected for what the farm offered. First stop feeding the animals. The enclosures were very roomy for the animals and clean. My little girl was so exited to see the goats, I think the goats were equally pleased as she arrived with a white paper bag full of food. Maybe too excited as the whole bag, gone in 2 seconds. Dad and 2 year old back to reception to buy an extra bag of food!!!!

 Lots to do at Playdale Park Farm

We had lots of animals to feed and see including goats, sheep, pigs, ponies , ducks, rabbits and Guinea Pigs and in two big barns. When we left the first barn, they were off! spotting a huge climbing frame, suitable for both their ages. Most important though, there was coffee which is always good as we were there sometime, until they realised there was another play area inside. This area was also good with a section for bigger kids and a smaller one for little people. 

playdale_park_farm3After what seemed like hours it was time for lunch we took our own but there was a café when we came in which looked good. (Wish I hadn’t made sandwiches at 7.00 in the morning)

After lunch we discovered the rest of the Playdale Park farm, karting for older kids and freebie golf which was great fun. The sit on tractor was a particular favourite for my 2 year old, although this highlighted the fact she has not grasped the meaning of ‘sharing’ yet.

 Skidaddle Card would have been good.

I would definitely recommend the playdale park farm, a very good day out. Weather was a bit hit and miss but there was enough to do even with the odd shower. Would be even better if these guys could offer Skidaddle members a discount as such a great place to visit.

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